georgia farmers market

We are on a journey to becoming Georgia’s largest online community of local food businesses. This fall, our visits to the farmers markets have been drenched in rain, casting a grey cloud not just in the sky but also on the vibrant spirit of local businesses. They tirelessly set up their stalls, only to watch the rain drive customers away. 

Besides weather woes, these markets grapple with space constraints, allowing only a limited number of vendors to set up shop. As winter nears, many markets shut down till spring.

We seized this opportunity to interact with these businesses, delving into their challenges and needs. This insight has been invaluable in tailoring our services to effectively address their problems. At the heart of our mission is enabling these local gems to continue whipping up their delicious offerings, while we take care of bringing the market to them, rain or shine.

Today, The Cottage proudly hosts over 250 businesses and offers 1500 local food choices. Our platform is more than transactional exchanges, we are nurturing a community where people can engage with businesses directly, discover, and relish the diverse local flavors available.

We’re a bridge between local businesses and the community, making it possible for them to sell regardless of the weather or season.

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